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Contemporary, textured and tactile paintings that draw you in and just beg to be touched. 

I draw inspiration from nature and the influence of time imprinting new layers over old - challenging the viewer to consider the stories within.

My favourite medium is acrylic on canvas. It gives me an unparalleled range of texture, colour and manipulation which allows me to develop and build the visual language for each piece.

It also makes the paintings ROBUST and able to withstand not only the construction, but DECONSTRUCTION of layers - an equally important part of my process.

I encourage my paintings to be experienced not only by eye, but also through TOUCH - adding to the notion that our own experience and interaction might also imprint our own story over time. 

Many of my artworks are also inspired by the retelling of our past – be it significant historic events, early explorers and adventurers, or purely imagining what might have been. And perhaps not surprisingly, there is strong influence from the sea, as I live at the edge of Wellington harbour.  

My favourite tools are scrapers, knives, rags, a hammer and drill. Occasionally scissors, and lots of ripping. 





NZ Art Show

NZ Art Show



World of WearableArt Awards,

Aotearoa Section, Third


World of WearableArt Awards, Aotearoa Section, Honourable Mention


Craigs' Aspiring Art Prize

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